Swimming & Physiotherapy

Jim P pool800We will fit your dog with a collar and full floatation coat or a harness and provide a warm pre treatment shower to warm the muscles and remove any dirt and excess hair

Next your pet will enter the pool with the hydrotherapists for their treatment. Their vital statistics are monitored throughout the session and they will be encouraged to feel relaxed and confident and hopefully have some fun.

A post treatment shower will follow to remove the necessary pool treatments. If your dog has a skin condition and they require shampooing please bring this along with you. Your pet will then be fully dried to keep the muscles and joints warm

Water treadmills are perfect where the patient needs additional support and guidance correcting their gait and foot placements. It is ideal for neurological conditions and for dogs that do not particularly like water.

Your dog will be fitted with a collar and harness and have a warm shower to remove any dirt and excess hair.

Physiotherapy is a science-based discipline that sees movement as central to good health and well-being. Physiotherapists provide help and treatments for people and animals with a range of physical problems generally caused by accident, illness or old age.

Our physiotherapist identifies and maximises the body’s potential through treatments, rehabilitation, education and preventive approaches. Sam’s core skills include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and the use of electro-physical modalities such as laser and ultrasound. Sam works alongside other professionals such as your vet or hydrotherapist.