PAWsh by The Bark Club! – Cuteness Delivered to your Doorstep.

Whether it’s for a birthday, office fun, Weddings, or if you just want to make someone’s day then, anytime you need Puppy love, this is where you need to come! Because True Happiness is a Warm Puppy!


You and your kids have never had this much fun! We bring a bundle of puppies to your home accompanied by a trainer who ensures that your kids are actively engaging and being taught how to safely handle the pups, answers any questions that arise, and takes care of cleanup! We provide everything that the puppies need: from treats, toys, and water. You can turn any party into a Pupper Party!

Corporate events and Office Fun:

Puppy Parties aren’t just for kids! Big deadline coming up? Employees bummed out? Want to show your coworkers a wholesome good time? Have our puppies show up and brighten up the day at the office! Watch in awe as all the workplace stress just melts away! Office just gets better with a Puppy around!

Therapy and Stress Relief:

Sometimes life just gets you down, nothing better than a playful, joyous Puppy to lift your spirits. 70% of the population is dealing with relentless stress in today’s world, everyone needs Puppy Love from time to time. We provide trained therapy dogs to smother you with unconditional love to help drain the stress away! Help Us Help You!

Stress Relief for Students:

Balancing School, Studies and a Personal life for students of today’s era can be challenging in so many ways, but our puppies know how to fix that! Book a session with us for your school, and turn the classroom into a new adventure for your students.


Weddings mark the beginning of a new life with your partner and brings two families together, celebrate your special day with trained puppies to bring oodles of love and blessings to the newly wed couple. Who wouldn’t want a Puppy at their Wedding?

*WOOF WOOF all the Way*