About Us

The Bark Club is a brain of child Shyamax J. Presswalla an animal lover enthusiasts, dedicated to care for your pawed, whiskered babies where you are away from home, be it work, vacation or just a long errand.

At The Bark Club we look after your pet either in hrs. very home (Pet Sitting) or even at our facility (Pet Boarding).

W can take care of your pets while you are away ! Be it day or night, we will make sure your pet is always in our sight, fed and well kept.

We are also a ‘home away form home’ caring for every pet’s individual needs from fresh, sumptuous home cooked meals to clear sleeping and play areas.

Your pet is a member of your family and that doesn’t change where you go to work or go away on vacation. But when you can’t take your pet along, you don’t want them to be home alone all day or stuck in a cage at a kennel. You want them to enjoy the same care and affection you give them that’s what we also offer at The Bark Club a place where pets roam free, play and socialize.

Your concern – Our concern !
Your four legged baby’s agony – Our agony !
We are staunch pet lovers. Happy to help you always !